An Abundance of Natural Beauty

Nestled in the slopes of Hejaz mountain, this hidden gem has much to offer. From fruit markets, scenic valleys and rose farms – Taif -often referred to as the City of Roses for its famously fragrant flowers that grow in the surrounding wadis and mountains – is Saudi’s serene escape in the summer season.

It is most famous for Al Hada Moutain which boasts one of the most beautiful and scenic roads in the region. It also features Saudi’s longest cable car that runs between the mountaintops. Other key attractions include the Shafa

Mountains – the highest mountain in the region with a 10,000 sq m Daka Mountain Park that offers stunning views; and Al Rudaf Park with vast green spaces and a huge lake. With breathtaking landscapes and stunning mountain views, Taif is an ideal location for wellness retreats, resorts or activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • 12 - 27 oC

    Average Temperature
  • 689,000

    Population (2019)

Value Proposition

Heritage and Culture


Sightseeing and Agritourism


Key Opportunity Sectors

TDF is here to connect investors with opportunities in key tourism sectors to unlock their full growth potential. We focus on six high-growth sectors within the industry.



Recreational amenities that bring destinations to life. Ranging from theme parks to a combination of mixed-use and large developments that contain multiple types of assets, so there is something for everyone.



Luxurious hotels; welcoming serviced apartments; unique camping experiences. Tourists are guaranteed to find a stay that suits their needs.



Establishments that curate authentic culinary delights, from local restaurants to diversified and international cuisines, adding flavor to the entire tourist experience.



Unique experiences and interactions that allow tourists to engage with the destination, be it through sun and sea, adventure, or culture and heritage.

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Why Invest?


Breathtaking nature with stunning mountain views and green spaces


Lack of leisure and F&B offerings


Limited availability of wellness offerings


Existing gaps in mid-tier and premium accommodation supply and local F&B, international casual, and fine dining options.

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Saudi Arabia is home to 6 awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage sites

 UNESCO Images 01

Al-Ahsa Oasis

An evolving cultural landscape

 UNESCO Images 02

Al-Hijr Archaeological Site (Madâin Sâlih)

An archaeological wonder

 UNESCO Images 03

At-Turaif District, ad-Dir'iyah

The heart of the Saudi dynasty

Ḥimā Cultural Area

The past comes alive

 UNESCO Images 04

Historic Jeddah

The gate to Makkah

 UNESCO Images 05

Rock Art in the Hail Region

Traces of the past

 UNESCO Images 06
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