Tourism Grow Mentor

Tourism Grow Mentor

Mentorship sessions consist of a scheduled session between a mentor and an applicant. These sessions are designed to provide essential guidance and support in areas needed by entrepreneurs. Typically, the mentor shares their experience and expertise to assist applicants grow, acquire new skills and achieve their target more effectively.


TDF GROW’s Mentorship sessions service aims to foster entrepreneurs and start-ups across the Kingdom, boosting their success and equipping them with the toolkit to tackle setbacks, maintain stability and growth.


  • The project's scope should be under the Tourism sector
  • Determine the mentoring field
  • Participants are expected to attend the session on time
  • Participants must have a computer with Internet access and be in a quiet, undisturbed area for the session
  • Show respect towards mentor
  • Refrain from recording or publishing any sessions

How to Apply

To request TDF GROW’s Mentorship Session Service:

You can request a session by filling out the Mentorship Service Request form in order to arrange a mentoring session. Upon reviewing the application, a suitable date and time will be determined for both the applicant and the mentor. Afterward, applicants will be informed about the scheduled times and dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the mentorship service cost?
The service cost is fully covered by TDF

What is the duration of a mentorship session?
The duration of the mentorship varies according to the mentor’s available time slots. To prevent any reduction from the allocated session duration, it is important to show up for the session at the specified time and date.

Can I cancel/reschedule the session?
Yes, the team should be informed 24 hours prior to the scheduled session

How do I become a mentor at TDF GROW?
Send your CV and areas of expertise via email: