Opening The Doors Of Tourism To You

The digital portal enables all investors who have a business within the tourism sectors supported by the Tourism Development Fund to apply for financing solutions and tourism investment opportunities.

The Portal Can:

Provide a comprehensive digital financing journey for the customer

Expand the customer base to help reach the most promising destinations

Facilitate access to financing for tourism development in the Kingdom

Save time and effort for the client

The Portal Offers Investment Opportunities And Financing Solutions For:

Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

Large Enterprises


The Tourism Investment Portal

AWN Tourism program

AWN Tourism program aims to support micro, small and medium tourism businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the solutions they need to realize their objectives and aspirations within the tourism industry.

Experience Activator Program

The program offers support to emerging and expanding small and micro businesses with tourism potential, empowering them to deliver exceptional, diverse, and high-quality tourism experiences in their targeted destinations.

  • With a flexible payment period of up to two years
  • Project financing coverage reaches up to 70%
  • No guarantor needed
Minimum finance amount:
Maximum finance amount:

Tourism Hospitality Program

The program's objective is to provide assistance to small and micro businesses in constructing, enhancing, and revitalizing their unique assets, catering to the demands of both new and existing ventures in the food, beverage, entertainment, and hospitality sectors within targeted tourist destinations.

  • With a flexible payment period of up to 10 years
  • Project financing coverage reaches up to 70%
Maximum funding: